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Today, at the office, suddenly  my boss and I started to chat until the conversation turned to the point of spiritual things. For the first time in the past two years, she opened her heart to me and talked me about her fears, beliefs and hobbies. So she shared to me her next project: a past life regression.

I’ve heard something about it but not as much to look for doing one. She told me she felt herself a bit insecure most of his adult life. Even she’s a married senior lady, she always felt that “her soul mate was somewhere else”. She has a strong faith in serendipities. “Nothing happens for nothing” she says frequently and told me that in her younger years when she worked for an assurance company she met a very humble office boy. No feels in particularly, only that empathy and kindness for this boys even they weren’t so close.

Years later, she was at the hospital to visit to her doctor and she met again that boy after many years and now he was married to one of her most loved friends. 10 years later, when she was attending to her baby shop at the Mall, the pairing entered into the little store and they see each other again. After so many years! Then that boy, now turned into a grown up man, told her “My friend, ¿you know you were a japanese lady in your previous life?” She didn’t had a clue about what he was saying and did not paid to much attention. But the seed was planted in her mind. Then, with the time they developed a seller – client relationship but always with that fond feeling for him and his family.

In a reunion between their families, my boss asked to this man about that comment of her past life and he told her “I don’t know, I just know that you were japanese and you were close to me in a certain way”. That triggered her long time feeling about past lives. She says she felt this man was her brother because being her a woman with so few friends, she feels a bond to him and his wife, like they were part of her family. And she began to read and read books about this matter.

She says that children have a very clear memories about their past life and we just need to ask them and they will answer with clear details about it, because their minds are so fresh but with the time they will forget more and more things of it.

Next Monday will be her first past lives therapy. She say she knows that it will bring so much light into her feelings, thoughts and anxiety felt for so many years. I truly wish her the very best in her quest and really hope this could be another therapy for those who felt haunted by unknown facts of the past.

If you need more information about Past Life Regression, Deanna Romano has written an article about it at http://www.finerminds.com

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