?????????????photo courtesy of relaxdaily.net

I, as many of you, struggle day by day in many ways with stress. It could be on my work, home, streets or family and friends.

As the purpose of this blog is sharing techniques, tips and news for relief stress, I want to share with all of you a new site I’ve found with high quality content.

Relaxdaily.net is a site run by Michael, a Cologne based musician who love for music and relax took him to create beautiful tunes for relaxing along with gorgeous high quality videos film by himself of natural environments for a complete and pleasant experience.

He has a Youtube account and his site, where he shares his incredibly relaxing videos and if you like, you can buy his music through iTunes!

I highly recommend his music for therapies, yoga, relaxation at home or even sleeping.

Here is one of his video tracks, enjoy it:

Background Music Instrumentals 2 – slow beautiful soundtrack