Last Wednesday I decided to try a new therapy: facial reflexology. I’ve heard good things about this technique and the master who was doing it. So I willingly was there on time for my appointment.

I could discover that the environment has a relax sense. Reiki music, flower scents and the master was a very nice and kind person. He invited me to take my place at the massage table. Always caring, he put a new sheet on it before. He started a light chat with me asking me why I came to the center, what was my concerns and health history. Some times we even talk about daily issues and how to improve my mental health at work. He asked me to close my eyes and the therapy began. While he was giving a soft massage on specific points at my face. Time to time he asked some questions like: “Do you eat chicken frequently?” “How many water do you drink by day?” or giving me some advice like eat tuna or soja instead of red meat and chicken. At the end of the session he told me what I should do to improve my health, where I can buy supplements like soja or teas and how many sessions I will need to resolve my problems

I highly recommend you this therapy. Its a good option for mind / body relax, and improve your health in a natural way. Have a great weekend!